This project took us a few steps from the capital, in a small village in the Roman countryside. The house is spread over the top two floors, attic and super-attic, of a building in a quiet residential area.

From the entrance you are projected into the living area, which forms a unique environment with the kitchen.

cucina e cappa di design

The wrought iron and steel staircase, a peculiar and distinctive element of the house, creates a sort of veil that acts as a filter between the entrance and the kitchen. On the left wall, on the other hand, a plasterboard piece of furniture, entirely custom-designed, contains a wardrobe, some backlit niches (with LED profiles) and an alcove, dedicated to reading and embellished with a geometric wallpaper.

The living room, which houses the staircase, merges with the L-shaped kitchen, with a peninsula that houses the fires and seats (the famous Master chairs, by Philippe Stark). Above the peninsula, a special hood that looks like a lamp and, on the opposite wall, an equipped piece of furniture, the oven column and a comfortable pantry.

The flooring throughout the room is unique. Large slabs in gray stoneware, with resin effect.

The windows chosen, white in color, are particularly performing and have a reduced frame, which makes the window “cleaner” and the house brighter. Even in the bathroom we wanted to give space to emotions. The evocative jungle-style wallpaper, in addition to being enchanting, gives intimacy and tranquility to the environment. Note the suspended cabinet with integrated washbasin, made with the same floor covering.

Upstairs, attic, to create suggestions, we played with light and color. Entering from the stairs, in the center of the living room, you immediately notice the skylight, which gives uniform and natural lighting to the whole environment. A plasterboard cabinet houses some backlit niches, the air conditioner and the TV.

On the opposite side is a charming bar corner, with a custom-made oak counter and some vintage-style stools. In the master bedroom the colors interact with the volumes. The different shades of blue and light blue enrich the spaces and shapes, creating a sense of rhythm and movement. Finally, the beautiful panoramic terrace, with stoneware floor, wood effect.

The biggest reward for us, as in every project, was the satisfaction of the homeowners, who, one year after delivery, are still fully convinced of our design and stylistic choices.