In the renovation of this apartment, of about 120 square meters, it was decided to demolish some partitions, including those of the hallway, in order to enlarge the living room and recover precious space.

The guiding idea of ​​the project was to create a welcoming and modern home.

soggiorno - vista da ingresso

In this new conformation the house opens directly towards the living room. The wardrobe is located on the side, inside a custom-designed plasterboard cabinet characterized by illuminated niches, which give light and movement to the environment.

The colors of the living room are gray, yellow and white on the walls. On the back wall, next to the glass dining table, a large painting is the protagonist.

The kitchen opens to the living room through two transparent sliding doors, which give continuity and depth to the space, but at the same time can delimit it when necessary. The floor chosen in the kitchen is a 20×20 stoneware tile (Ragno brand), which creates a decorative carpet in perfect harmony with the solid color of the powder gray base units and wall units.

The large and comfortable kitchen is characterized by a horseshoe shape. This optimal arrangement makes it possible to create the so-called “work triangle”, structured in 3 fundamental areas: washing, cooking and storage. Each side is intended for one function only. Transversely we find the snack table that seems to be suspended in the air, with its transparent glass support leg!

Tobacco oak parquet was chosen for the flooring in the living room and sleeping area. (Ali Parquet). The choice of this material, in this shade, considerably warms the rooms, making them welcoming and pleasant. The chosen parquet finish is brushed. The diagonal laying gives an effect of greater breadth.

For the bathrooms we have chosen stoneware in large slabs (EmilCeramica). In the largest bathroom, both as a floor and as a wall covering. The concrete effect alternates giving continuity to the surfaces. The washbasin side wall has been customized with Maku Deco Light 20×20 ceramics (Fap Ceramiche).

In the smaller bathroom, color was chosen, with large slabs on the floor and 20×75 avio-colored tiles for the covering. The color of the bathroom can also be found in the bedroom, in which we painted only the accent wall (behind the bed) so as not to weigh down the whole room.

Entering the sleeping area you access the connective that connects the various rooms, where we find the study room, the bathroom, the bedroom and the recording room. The study / guest room is characterized by flexible furniture. A sofa that, if necessary, becomes a bed and, to the side, a comfortable desk that accompanies Daniela’s working days.

Fabio has a passion for music from a very young age and plays various instruments. In the new house he wanted a special room to pursue his hobby. The acoustic design of this environment was carried out in collaboration with a specialized company, using the “box in the box” technique (room within the room), through insulating counter-walls, a suspended ceiling and a floating floor. At the stylistic level, a different parquet was used to give rhythm to the environment than the rest of the house.

Finally, the laundry area, located between the bathroom and the kitchen, is retractable, thanks to two custom-designed wooden doors.