Pinocchio’s fairytale represents the path that each individual takes in the search for human identity. The fantastic places in which Pinocchio lives are full of imagination and it is precisely this theme that has guided our project.

The library presents a variety of modern settings and spaces in which one can relive the most beautiful fairytales.


In the different design spaces, technology, materials and colors will help enhance every sensation, from visual to tactile. Throughout the rooms of the library, adults and children will be able to rediscover the importance of feeling a little magic, present day superheroes who fly with their imagination.

AUDITORIUM The Auditorium is composed of a concert hall with 390 seats, and additional services such as the coffee area behind the stage. The room has different heights and is characterized by numerous wooden panels that have an aesthetic and acoustic function. Particular attention has been paid to interior lighting. The architectural form of the building provides an open space on the rooftop dedicated to outside entertainment and presenting a view of the Villa Garzoni and the Pinocchio’s park.

EXPO-AREA Expo is an area of the library dedicated to educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation. The events can be organized by companies, international organizations, the private sector, civil associations and the general public. Expo area offers a multifaceted event space where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time.

The structure has many glass walls. The transparency was chosen to benefit from the natural context surrounding the project. Light becomes the protagonist of the space, illuminating the library environments, in particular the rooms dedicated to reading.

WORKSHOP AREA ‘The performative space’ is intended for creatively innovative activities carried out by the users. While it aims at active creation, the performative space can also be a creative and aesthetic learning space. It facilitates workshops of different kinds: writers’ workshops, activities with in-house artists, innovation workshops, film workshops etc. The performative space typically requires the availability of tools and materials.  Learn and Play at the Library”Talk, sing, read, write and play” The Play Space in the Children’s Room at the Library offers stimulating, interactive play with a play kitchen and farmer’s market stand, wall mounted activities, light tables, sensory tables and more!

MEDIASPACE The project of the media library came from the idea of creating an environment for both children and adults.The interior design includes interactive multimedia ports that break the monotony of a space, giving children and adults a rhythmic experience.This rhythm is provided by the variety of functions. In addition to the display tables exhibiting stunning drawings of Pinocchio and other fairytales, there are also two large cylinders projecting images on the floor, followed by an area where you can see fairytales on a big screen. There is another area where you can live the experience of virtual reality thanks to the use of special 3D glasses, as well as an area where you can lie on beanbags and see the fairytales projected on the ceiling. There are two ports that can accommodate a large collection of CDs and DVDs for listening to songs from famous fairytales.This port is architecturally closed. It is characterized by different cuts that seem to divide it into four pieces, but they are nothing more than small cuts of light that, crossing the entire architectural body, help the viewer in the experience inside the media library without disturbing it in any way.